So what’s this blog all about? Well, the title may seem a little random but it is a big clue. Since May 2016, I have been delivering cars and vans to occupy (some) of my time. This followed a decision about two years ago to have a major lifestyle change. I finally took the plunge at the end of March 2016 when I left my sensible but rather intense job of the previous 25 years.

Now, I can often be seen heading for the bus stop at the top of our road to catch a bus into town to go to a local car dealer or to Leicester station to go further afield. Or, I may be heading off in the car to a meeting point just outside Leicester where I and several other drivers will jump into a minibus to be taken to a dealer or old airfield. There we will collect cars or vans for delivery around the country. Endless variety, both in terms of destination and the type of vehicle driven.

To date, I have been as far North as Greenock (Glasgow and beyond) and as far South as Redruth in Cornwall. I have driven cars ranging from a second-hand Peugeot 308 with half the dashboard ripped out (and I swear chickens had been kept in the boot) to a Bentley Mulsanne Speed worth over a quarter of a million quid. I have also driven a fair number of vans which, as a former camper van owner, pleases me greatly. I was often asked what sort of thing I wanted to do when I left my “proper” job. My stock answer was “I want to drive a van”. My wish has come true.

For a while now, I have had the (possibly misguided) thought that my experiences in my new, part-time occupation may be of interest to others. So here it is. My blog. Apparently, January and February are quiet months in this business, so over the next few weeks, I intend to regale you with tales of my travelling adventures from the last nine months or so, the cars I have driven and places I have been to. As work picks up, these tales will hopefully become more contemporary.

Petrol heads beware! The purpose of this blog is not to provide extensive reviews of cars and vans. This blog is not just about cars and vans and, in any event, most of the time I really cannot give much more than an impression of a vehicle. As I am delivering other people’s shiny cars (and some not so shiny), they need to be driven with an appropriate degree of circumspection. Therefore, I am hardly pushing the envelope and there some occasions when I feel as if I have only driven a car in straight lines (all motorway and no twisty bits).

But what of the side of cous cous?? Well, in addition to driving, I also enjoy cooking. Please be assured I am most definitely NOT a great cook. You have probably heard of haute cuisine. Well my style of cooking could be described as hope cuisine. Chuck in a bit of this and a bit of that and hope for the best! When the smoke turns black it’s cooked. In other words, I very rarely follow a recipe but concoct things based on either memory (something I have seen on TV or in a book but without noting the detail), experience (trying to remember where I went wrong last time) or what we have left in the fridge to construct a meal. Another feature of my cooking is that, whilst I genuinely enjoy spending time in the kitchen and I find cooking relaxing, I generally like to make things easy for myself.

Therefore, occasionally, I may include the odd recipe (hopefully not too odd) or food feature in this blog. If you are a numpty in the kitchen or simply lazy (or both), I hope you will find these easy to follow so you can impress your partner/friends/blind date/dog.

So, the title of this blog is not really random after all. But rather the content may be.