Survived decorating and even slow torture by IKEA this week. I noticed you can’t get a phone signal in the depths of IKEA. That’s because they don’t want anyone calling for help. Fortunately, I had some work to otherwise occupy myself:

Tuesday: Citroen C1 (2015), Bruntingthorpe, Leicestershire to Market Harborough.

Wednesday: Vauxhall Vivaro van,  Thurleigh Airfield, Bedfordshire to Milton Keynes.

Friday: Volkswagen Golf GTD (184hp), Nottingham to Epping, Essex.

The office phoned to ask if I could do the Epping job just as I was making my escape from IKEA (normal phone service resumed as I neared the razor wire and machine gun towers). “Am I delivering to Rod Stewart?” I quipped light-heartedly. Sir Roderick used to live near Epping in a mansion complete with the usual tennis court and swimming pool plus …. a full size football pitch. Apparently, the Faces versus the Rolling Stones was always a fiercely contested derby but Ronnie Wood used to get confused as to which side he played for. Keith Richards didn’t care. The two goalkeepers, Kenny Jones and Charlie Watts were apparently good between the sticks and also drummed up a lot of support among other rock stars. Rod’s good pal, Sharon (Rod’s pet name for Elton John) would sometimes turn up with his own team but given their professional status that was a little unfair …..*

“No, not unless he lives in a flat,” came the answer to my question. “But we did once deliver two Lamborghinis to him, one red and a sort of green one just so he could see what colour he liked.” Seems rock stars don’t have to go to a showroom or consult a brochure when choosing the colour of their new runabout. I once had two different coloured Kias delivered to my house just so I could …. no I didn’t. That was just a fantasy.

I have driven older Golf GTDs before but yesterday’s was the first brand new one and a good drive it was too. A subtly aggressive front end compared to lesser Golfs, smart monochrome tartan upholstery à la GTI – and yes, it’s very tasteful – but no golf ball gear knob because this was an automatic (would have preferred a manual!). This sporty Golf feels very upmarket and mature, the clear electronic instrument display giving it a really premium feel. On the go it is swift and rides well on its sports suspension and 18 inch alloy wheels – just a little harsh over the few unavoidable potholes. There is always a bit of a growl from the engine when accelerating (even under light acceleration) to remind you that this is a hot hatch but cruising on the motorway was very civilised. All in all, it was a fine, comfortable ride for the 130 miles between Nottingham and the fair county of Essex to the northeast of London.

The Golf GTD I delivered yesterday ogling two cool cats at Peterborough services on the A1(M).

* I have never admitted it on this blog before but I am a Watford FC fan and season ticket holder. On current form, we would struggle to beat a bunch of ageing rockers in their seventies. In case anyone does not know, Sir Elton is a life-long Watford fan and owned the club for many years. He is now honorary life president of the club.



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