Not available for work much this week because of other commitments. Mid-week, I even came perilously close to having to do some decorating. In the end I just painted a few coloured squares on our bedroom wall from various tester pots (still needed a rest afterwards). It was difficult choosing the right colour so we divided up the decision making effort – I chose the colour I liked and my wife chose the colour we are going to have. Team work! Alas, today I could find no more excuses for getting out of the real thing. This morning, I thought I had a very good reason why it was imperative to go out for a while: “I have to go to the shops dear, I’ve just noticed we have no crème de menthe. The nearest place they sell it is in Nottingham and since its nice out I might as well go in the Sprite……..”. I was subjected to an icy glare as my wife wielded a large screwdriver in a threatening manner. Wishing to avoid an inappropriate and painful insertion of said screwdriver, I decided that decorating wasn’t that bad after all (I hate it, I hate it. And crème de menthe? What was I thinking?? I hate that too). Anyway, in short I only had one job this week:-

Friday: Ford Fiesta 1.5TDCi Style, Chelmsford, Essex to a place with no name, south of Ashford, Kent (could have been called “Middle of Nowhere”).

What a great car the Fiesta is. A teenager on country roads where it is great fun and all grown up and mature on the motorway where it rides like a bigger car. Quite refined too.  The 1.5 diesel is impressive and if you prefer petrol power, the 1.0 litre turbo is excellent. And this great car is about to be replaced by a new model! As long as the new Fiesta does not go backwards in any respect then it should knock the competition into a cocked hat. I saw a couple of the new Fiestas at the compound where I picked up the current/outgoing Fiesta that I delivered to Kent. One was a sporty ST and the other an “Active” model which will transform your life to one of non-stop adventure (amazing what the addition of roof rails and a bit of plastic cladding can do). Not entirely sure about the styling of the new model – it looks a tad bloated and indeed, it is a bit bigger than the outgoing Fiesta. It will probably grow on me.

The jaunt in the Fiesta was a case of Kent re-visited because we went to a family wedding near Canterbury just last weekend. The wedding was absolutely wonderful and we also had the opportunity to get re-acquainted with this lovely old town with its famous cathedral. I know, technically it’s a city but it is town-sized and has a friendly and very cosy feel. Great place to wander round. We last went to Canterbury in 2014 and the highlight of that visit was a short but entertaining boat trip on the River Stour in the city centre (Canterbury Historic River Tours – four and a half stars on TripAdvisor!). With our young guide rowing the boat, he still had the energy to give a light-hearted run down of historical facts and information about Canterbury and its many ancient buildings and monuments. Here is a little peek if you have never been:-











  1. You did well to avoid the screwdriver. The Fiesta? Blimey, I think I might need to look into that. I’ve got two years before I buy a new car and so far most seem okay to me (apart from a KIA, who’d want one of them…)


    1. Haha – we’ve got a Kia!! A little Picanto which we use as a runabout. Bought it just before my son turned 17 – needed something slow, safe and cheap to insure! Had it for 5 years now, no problems and it still has 2 years warranty left. Better than a Peugeot 108 which I wrote about recently but not as good as a Volkswagen Up (which I think you like?) and it’s Seat and Skoda siblings. However there is a brand new Picanto coming out and from what I’ve read, might be better than the Up. These are all city cars whereas the Fiesta is a size up and more versatile, especially if you use motorways. Finished decorating for the day – what a relief!

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      1. I commute: 40 minutes. How funny! I always think the Kia look a bit plastic. I know aesthetics should have nothing to do with it but it seems that I am quite shallow!


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