Another short working week with bank holiday Monday and off to Kent on Friday for a family wedding:-

Tuesday: Ford Transit Connect, Ashby-de-la-Zouch to Brentford; Ford Transit 350 Dropside, Redhill, Surrey to Old Dalby, Leicestershire.

Wednesday: Toyota Auris Estate 1.6D Business Edition, Burton-on-Trent to Bedford.

Thursday: Toyota Avensis 1.6D Estate Business Edition, Burton-on-Trent to Sheffield.

The two Toyotas were delivered to a government agency but I can’t tell you which one or I would have to kill you afterwards. Good to know HM Government has a Toyota Avensis and Auris to aid the fight against the forces of evil. Both cars had satnav so they should be able to find the baddies more easily. The bigger Avensis felt a bit lazy with the 1.6 engine but impressively refined. It was the other way round with the Auris, a little bit peppier but more engine and road noise. All what you would expect really.

Tuesday was a long day – 7.00am to 10pm. After dropping off the Transit Connects we had about a four hour wait before we could leave for Redhill. Fortunately, the nice people at Sky (see Stormtroopers in Transit) let us use their staff room and free drinks machine. On the same industrial estate there were a couple of interesting businesses: Bristol Cars and a large classic car dealership. So I had a wander round and took some photos. There were some interesting cars outside the classic car dealers but loads more inside but I couldn’t get in (they must have known about me). Had to make do with a couple of shots from the doorway.

Beautiful Mercedes 300SL. Not a gullwing but its roadster sibling with hardtop.
This car had two bespoke suitcases shaped to fit the boot exactly.
IMG_20170418_123204 2
De Tomaso Pantera looking like its about to pounce – all 5.8 litres of it. Had to use a bit of zoomage to get this.
Difficult to take photos with a barrier across the doorway and the roller shutter half way down but gives you an idea of the size of the place!
Bristol. A 411 I think.
Citroen SM. Maserati-engined spaceship.
Cute SAAB 96
Even cuter Fiat 600
Aston Martin Lagonda. A Marmite car I guess – you either love it or hate it.





  1. Colin, you were only a few miles from us when you reached Redhill. I drove by the old showroom for Bristol in London this week, which was vacated when they went bust. Love the Fiat Gamines in your pictures, and I have happy memories of my Mum’s Fiat 600. The Saab looks great, I’d love one.


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