Our break in Suffolk plus the Friday bank holiday meant little time for work!:-

Wednesday: Volkswagen Jetta GT 2.0TDi, Leicester to Northampton
Thursday: Audi A6 Avant 2.0TDi Ultra SE Executive S Tronic, Leicester to Wakefield; BMW 520d Estate Auto (2013), Wakefield to Leeds.

First “normal” Audi A6 I have driven (apart from the bonkers A6 Allroad BiTurbo). Very nice. Might have to be a full post about that in due course. After dropping off the BMW at an auction site in Leeds, I made my way to the train station where I had a bizarre exchange with a member of staff. The full story of that will definitely follow at some point.

In last Tuesday’s post, I described a very pleasant drive through beautiful Suffolk. However, the route I described was outside the officially beautiful part of Suffolk! The whole of the Suffolk coastline is designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and justifiably so. I exhausted my meagre descriptive capabilities in Tuesday’s post so here are some photos. These include a couple from Ickworth House, near Bury St. Edmunds, which we visited on our way home; still in Suffolk but not in the AONB. One disappointment was not being able to get to Orford Ness, a shingle spit shrouded in military mystery from both hot and cold wars. It was the birthplace of radar in the 1930s, for example. It is now a National Trust nature reserve but you can only access it by ferry which only starts running this weekend!

Southwold. The only place in the UK with a lighthouse in the town centre? Taken from the seaward side! Probably needed to guide workers home from the Adnams brewery.

20170410_090703 Framlingham
Framlingham Castle. The Castle on the Hill (well, bit of a small mound really).

20170409_193105Framlingham 2
Sunset from the Castle on the Hill

20170410_101254 Aldeburgh
Aldeburgh. The dinkiest seafront house in the world? Looks like it’s made of Lego.

20170410_102942Aldeburgh 2

20170410_102824 Aldeburgh
More Aldeburgh (We liked Aldeburgh!)

Aldeburgh Beach
Guess where!

Orford Castle
Orford Castle under a brooding sky.

Orford Village
Orford Village – perfection?

Ickworth House
Ickworth House – a large birthday cake with wings.

Ickworth House (2)
Grounds of Ickworth House



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