Almost forgot! Just posted this week’s diary but neglected to give the answer to the question I posed at the end of last week’s Weekly Car Diary (10th February). The question was: “What is the most expensive substance known to man?”. The answer is (obviously) the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream at our local cinema. It is outrageous! A ridiculously large amount of money for a ridiculously small amount of B&J’s finest. The question wasn’t totally random as it followed my comments on Hacksaw Ridge and La La Land but no-one caught on. I have tried wearing a tall hat to the cinema and sneaking in some supermarket-purchased ice cream but that did not have a happy ending. Sitting watching a film with Chunky Monkey trickling down your back detracts from the movie experience.

At our local cinema, you would need a second mortgage for this amount!

Here’s a little known fact about cars and Ben and Jerry’s for you……

McLaren famously lined the engine bay of its legendary road car, the F1, with gold foil to act as a heat shield. What is less well known is that Bugatti wanted to go one better in terms of expense and exclusivity when designing their mega-car, the Veyron. So they planned to use Ben & Jerry’s ice cream for the same purpose but, in order to preserve that exclusivity, only Ben & Jerry’s purchased from cinemas was to be used. Not only does ice cream have obvious cooling properties but the use of Ben & Jerry’s would give Bugatti customers something that McLaren was not able to offer with its low-rent gold foil. Yes, Bugatti customers would have the opportunity to personalise their Veyron by choosing their own flavour of Ben & Jerry’s – Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Cherry Garcia, Peanut Butter Cup, Phish Food, Save Our Swirled etc. Comparing choice of flavour would have been a hot topic of conversation at Veyron owners club meetings on a Tuesday evening in the Dog and Duck. The envy of their McLaren counterparts. Alas, Bugatti ultimately dropped its plans to use Ben & Jerry’s due to certain practical difficulties and on the grounds of cost (not even Bugatti’s extravagant budget for the Veyron could stretch that far).






  1. It might be expensive in the cinema, but I found it worthwhile in Vermont where we had it daily for 3 days! And, anyway, it is a premium ice cream 😊

    Btw, I’ve started liking the one from cold stone creamery off late.


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