Here’s what I got up to this week, automotively speaking:-

Monday: Mercedes A180d SE, Leicester to Great Glen, Leics and Volkswagen Passat R-Line 4Motion TDI BiTurbo DSG (2015), Derby to Kettering
Tuesday: Toyota Auris Hybrid Business Edition, Derby to Bromborough, Wirral
Thursday: Vauxhall Corsavan 1.3d Gloucester to Tidworth, Wiltshire and Peugeot 207 van (2011) Tidworth to Gloucester

Classic car buffs and Princess Anne (I’m sure she will be reading this) might be interested to know that there is a Reliant Scimitar specialist in Kettering. Spotted it on my way to Kettering station after dropping off the Passat.

Princess Anne has owned 8 Reliant Scimitars since 1970. Probably not all at once though.

Also have to mention, I saw the Kinks’ musical, Sunny Afternoon in Nottingham this week. Absolutely sensational.



2 thoughts on “WEEKLY CAR DIARY”

  1. What did you think of the Auris, if is too painful thinking about it you needn’t reply! I like Toyotas up until the last of the Carinas, small MR2s, and loved the old RWD Starlets.


  2. I did give some thoughts about the Auris in my Merc hybrid post but in short it is very uninspiring (sorry!). I don’t drive that quickly but really it was very sluggish. Not good on the motorway. An honest attempt at a genuine alternative to a diesel though (in terms of economy). Quite a space age dashboard as well – kept thinking I must be in a Prius not the unassuming Auris.


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